05 June, 2010

The end of hope

I have been reading more about the middle east that anything else in the recent past.
I also happened across the historycommons website. Now that I have seen it, it is quite an obvious use of a wiki for making a timeline using publicly available and referenced information. It is very exhaustive. For example, the complete 911 timeline on this website starts from 1968 and has 6318 (and growing) articles.

The current book I am reading is The Great War for civilisation, written by Robert Fisk. It is quite a formidable volume, but I think that everyone should read it. Much as everyone should read the Catch 22 and War and Peace. I have always thought of how someone can walk into a market and explode a bomb tied to his body and die peacefully. This book shows me that I can never understand it. This is because I have not gone through some of what has been going on in some of these places.

The word "free" has a new meaning for me from now on.

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