22 April, 2011

Watching time zip by

Just under a third of the new year is up and here I am still getting used to the idea that we are in 2011 - pausing for a second while writing the date and so on. Things are going on fast - Envigo is growing, Sugandh and I have been busy working and busy planning for a few trips we are going to do this year.
We just got back from a quick trip to Dalhousie. The place was nice - I am sure there are prettier hill stations. What was nice about the place was that there were such few people, few cars, a very slow pace of living - all of which were a welcome change from everything around us.

Gurgaon is just the opposite. More people, many more cars - everyone is in a hurry. We were stuck in a traffic jam yesterday in Gurgaon, which happens only because people do not obey traffic lights. As the pileup becomes larger, you have 4-5 lanes of cars facing each other. I was walking down lane number 5 (2 more than what fits on the right side of the road) and was asking people to get back to their side of the road. The blue-collar folks - taxi drivers, drivers etc were all smiling sheepishly, knowing exactly what they were doing was wrong and acknowledging it. The car owners - the businessmen and the executives - all made excuses. Some of the gems were - 'I wasnt sure whether this was a one-way or not', 'I am lost, I dont know where I am'. It is sad to note how the education does not increase civic sense.

So Envigo is growing. We need to be very careful and take decisive steps - I think very soon we will be at the place where we can either get into a trajectory which will take us close to 100 mark in 2 years from now. If we fumble, we might be stuck where we are. There are good signals from customers and from employees. As always, macro factors are in Envigo's favour.