21 August, 2015

Indians and Pakistan

I was reading comments below a story on what Humans in New York did in Pakistan and I ended up addingmy comment. 
Hello. I am an Indian and have been a passionate Pakistan hater.
What I have realised gradually is this - both Indians and Pakistanis are poor victims of corruption and the arrogance of the State. Both our countries have failed by varying degrees in almost everything that a state is supposed to do for its citizens -  to provide a rule of law, of a just and fair society in which our children can grow safely.
As a victim of such a system, I now realise that I do not hate Pakistanis. They have never harmed me, And if I have hatred for the Pakistani State, then in that same moment, I do not really feel too much love for the Indian State.
The Indian State has a similar track record - misinformation about Indians, state sponsored killings and terrorism and a neglect for the minorities and for the tribals.
India might have a rock star PM. He reads our minds and has his fingers on the pulse of the nation.
Please realise that along with our history, our corruption riddled little lives are also very similar. It is in this stifling atmosphere that I realise that Pakistanis and Indians are closer to each other than what appears to be.
Our PM recently said that Indians used to feel ashamed of being born Indians. I would beg to differ - as an Indian, I feel ashamed every single day in this country. I feel ashamed of the corruption and inequality that is all around us. I feel ashamed that after 65+ years of independence, large parts of India are almost unliveable. I feel ashamed that my life within India is like within a bubble, with private security, water purification, power backup and transport. The only regular way in which the government touches my life is when I pay taxes. I feel ashamed of the country that I have brought my kids into.
India seems to be become more depressing by the minute and very few seem to notice. Till when will the silent majority stay silent? Are they dumb or are they really dumb?


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