02 March, 2011

birthday number 3

Envigo turns 3 today. I am not sure if we are doing better or worse than expected, but only because there was not much of a plan, which I had to beat. I am sure I need to start planning - Planning and tracking are important.

I learnt this at ebookers. The results speak for themselves. Before that, ebookers was famous only for the wrong reasons - for lack of corporate governance, for buying something for $70mn and selling it back for $15mn, for being sold at 3x of fair valuation and so on.
Post-Orbitz, we started having daily meetings in which MTD and YTD numbers were compared to plan.
It was a very simple thing to do - it seemed magical because I was seeing it done for the first time. ebookers is now one of the fastest growing OTAs and is profitable to boot.

Even at Envigo, we need to plan better and anticipate business better. I am still under the table there - fixing computers, working with accounts. I need to be out in the field a bit more.

A lot of twists and turns are happening elsewhere. I hope and pray for the best for my parents, my sister and my wife.