22 January, 2011


It is a beautiful day here in Gurgaon - a slight winter chill, bright sun and nothing to do. It could have almost made me want to look forward to the shopping expedition planned for later in the day, but maybe not. 
I need to figure out the other movie which was there with Masoom on its audio tape. 

05 January, 2011

Snow snow everywhere....

All my friends and relatives who have visited us this year from the US/UK have tales of heavy snow. Given that the grass is always greener elsewhere, I would like one week every year in India when things would S-T-O-P. No work, no travel - no movement. Just sit at home and eat and drink and try to think about the year gone by.

The wife has made an excellent collection of photos of the year gone by - she wants to get them printed - the debate is ongoing. Eventually we will run out of space. We already have I think, without even printing those pictures. This is an excellent example of the 'hindu rate of growth way of thinking'. An American would probably say - whoa we need a damned room in the house only for them photos... lets go get some wood. My middle class brain says no. Practicality has ruled my life, especially if I have to impose it on someone else.

2010 went by in a flash. It was a simple year - work, home, movies, travel but simple.

2011 has started off with Yoga and a determined effort to work harder. Interesting times ahead!