12 April, 2010

Planned growth (or a random walk)

If the stock market is to be believed, India is out of the recession. It has grown by about 60% in the span of a few months leaving quite a few economists with a sheepish grin on their faces and their complete inability to provide an explanation to wtf is going on.
There are some who made a lot of money here. Some of us  exited the market at 9000 and congratulated themselves at their superior sense of timing and heard their lower jaw hit the floor when the market breached 15000. It hit 18000 two days back.
There. I needed to vent a bit about the 'unearned income'.
I have not been able to post for a really long time. Some of it is because of being busy -
Last time this time was about - A very hot summer with power cuts, an office move, some more clients, hiring new people, meeting new companies and getting a bit more serious about what I have to do and where I have to be... and some of it is about not finding too much to write about. More accurately, not being able to decide what to write about..
This time, some of last year makes a reappearance. We are still hiring - this time for growth and not due to attrition, we have an office but need to plan an expansion. New things this year include the fact that Envigo is offering more services now - we have started to dabble with mobile applications and facebook games and social media marketing.. we are working for two French websites.

Personally, life is moving in a nice little routine with the two of us. We got ourselves a new car and are planning a few new road trips. Let us see when and where.

We took the car and went straight to the pandit - keeps everyone happy - Mother, wife and may be even God (in that order of importance). Below is a snap from April 9th... a nice evening spent at Olive with a bottle of wine, good food and decent weather....what else is there? (Planned as a surprise by the wife.. which made it all the more fun)

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