19 April, 2009

Tube power

This is the week when Susan Boyle happened. She did not get much attention in the Indian press (I really need to write about the Times of India soon, they are beginning to piss me off more and more now) or even on TV, but she looks like swooping over the UK and the US. Google News today had over 3000 stories in the global English language media about her. Her youtube videos have over 35 million views in just under a week. 
The clip is a short one - seven minutes - but it is quite a roller coaster. You can click this link if the video above does not load. I found the link on facebook and I had a look. My emotions went from to pity to contempt to shock to disbelief & guilt to joy and wonder I guess.
It is rare that so many find so much joy from such simple things in life. I wish her all the best. I think that there are only 35 million or so viewers (at least) who are tracking her from the world over and rooting for her. 

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Keerthi said...

Do check this out too, in case you haven't.

Same program (Britain's Got Talent) in 2007:


This is the first audition of Paul Potts who went on to win the competition that season and has since sold 2 million copies of his first album and has gone on a world tour.

Part of the joy of watching Susan and Paul's performances as the NY Times says "is seeing the obnoxious, smarmy grimaces disappear from the faces of Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan, two of the show’s judges, and seeing the audience shift, in an instant, from tittering condescension to open-mouthed admiration." (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/18/arts/television/18boyle.html?scp=6&sq=paul%20potts&st=cse)

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