26 February, 2012


Would there be any other way to describe the growth and resulting damage to the environment. 

Here are some things which I wonder if I should be doing more - 
1. Flying less, using a train more, especially for personal travel.
2. Driving less, using the metro more
3. Walking 
4. Eating less meat, wasting less food. (Apparently, 18% of CO2 comes from cows belching. That's a lot of CO2. It is a good thing that Indian's don't eat cows. Another billion of hungry mouths to fee would mean a lot more cows)
5. Eating local (not low cal, but maybe that as well) 
6. Going out less, eating in more
7. Using greener computers and ACs
8. Planting a tree (you can do that here for India and here for the Brazilian rain forests) 
9. Reduce the heating on your water heaters and room heaters by just a notch (don't tell your wife or mum - they will immediately think the water is too cold). During summer, insist on sleeping at 25 degrees with a cotton bedsheet and not at 21 degrees with a quilt. 
10. Shift work times to a slightly earlier time (in India) to get into the office when the traffic is less and the office is cooler. (Why don't more organisations do this is beyond me?)
11. Change your car and your TV less often. 
12. Buy smaller or more fuel efficient cars. Use CFLs.
All of these things will save you money. That's something to think about! 
A logical extension of point 1 is that one should not travel abroad for holidays. 
The fantastic arc of instablity (Pakistan, Afghanistan etc) and India's terrain ensure that foreign travel means hopping onto to flight (unless you want to check out the origins of Balti cooking in Dacca). Does that mean all travel should be avoided? I think that travelling inside India is also something we need to do more. Also, when travelling abroad, try to use trains more after maybe the initial flight.

So that's that. 

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