04 May, 2011

the end of everything

There is a lot of literature on topics around death - the afterlife, moksh, rebirth and of course, the Geeta.
So, I am not even going to try and examine the philosophical angle here.
However, there are some things which I want to record for later.
First off, I think that I miss Baba more now than ever before. I think about him much more than earlier. I miss him. I think that even at home, we talk about him more.
Next, you need to be very careful about what you say to your loved ones. It is very easy to be mean to them. Once a person goes away, what you have said to them can never be undone.
Parents are special. They will always care for you - no matter what.
Three days after he passed, there was a function at my uncle's house to remember him. All of my father's brothers and cousins showed up and stood shoulder to shoulder. I realised the power of family. I had never thought of it like that.

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