12 October, 2007

Dinner delights

Moved to the east end of London, as they say, with the monstrosity below right opposite the river.
(overturned cockroach, balding porcupine)

Bad thing - see above.
Good thing - Nice house at a reasonable price - 3.5beds+blah+blah+blah+room with enough space for a ps2 and 10 friends
Bad thing - No neighbourhood
Good thing - Some good neighbours (read PV,AV,TG,SG)
Bad thing - A daylight robbery store called Budgens
Good thing - Clean everything
Bad thing - Wont stay for long

I also wanted to capture the whole dinner thing that I have going. I like to call people over, cook for them, feed them and send them back. My parents are horrified at this behaviour. Why do I do it - well I like cooking, for one. I like cooking when there is some company even better.
Anyway, had two such dinners this week - TG and PKnV and it goes without saying that it was great! Wonder how much of this I will be able to do in Delhi.

Delhi is a city of distances - especially if one stays in Sarita Vihar. You hardly walk to a friends house. You drive to it, and quite often, you plough through chunks of traffic to get anywhere.
I will miss that about London. Going from A to B while reading a book and looking out through the bus window. Wonder when we will have such buses in Delhi.

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Amit said...

boss.. even london and londonwallas will miss you

PS: this is the first time i am leaving a comment on any blog and i have a complain.. they make you type esoteric word verifications too many times!!

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