31 October, 2007


Times change and we change with them.

This blog also, is going to change.

The URL here will be kept for a blog related to my line of work. There will be another which will be for me to spout the kind of random musings I seem to specialise in.

Watch this space!



titun said...

i am a little curious, parden me for asking a random question. did you ever attend don bosco high school, patna???
i am trying to locate a long lost friend.


Saurabh said...

Just in case you are looking for Saurabh chandra, i might be able to help you. I think he was from Don Bosco and came to DPS from there.

titun said...

Thanks, i guess i just have to keep looking:)
and by the way, your blogging is quite impressive. it seems it comes only second nature to you.

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