17 May, 2007

To enable with energy

One dream. Two people. Three ideas. Four weeks.

We had decided to call it envigo, and then angelboy opened a blog.
was thrilled when I got the opportunity to create Envigo all over again
Below is an excerpt - This boy is really cool.
"Present is all we have. Past is lost. Future is fiction. Nobody fails. Nobody ever fails. Our plans fail. Too often we confuse our plans with our being. This confusion is the source of our frustration. When our plans fail, we start believing that we have failed."



Nauti said...

Thanks :-) You are an online marketer. a good one. And the name was your brain wave - you remember, right.

Nauti said...

Thanks - for the name, the ideas, and the online marketing :-)

Pratima said...

i love the comment.. pls pass on my kudos to nauti also.. its inspiring beyond imagination.. man!! its gonna keep me going for a long time.. i have to find a way to preserve it in a place i can see everyday.

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