28 May, 2007

Shootout at Lokhandwala

I could also call it - The Ambush at The Trocadero... because I felt physically hurt as I walked out with envigoman after watching this movie.

You can find the plot details here but nothing can prepare you for the mess that the director and the scriptwriter have concocted. The cast of the movie had its highs and lows - Amitabh Bachchan, and Sunit Dutt but also so called heroes like Suni(e)l Shetty and Tus(s)har Kapoor. The plot is based on a 14 hours shootout which happened in the early 90s in a residential suburb of bombay, where 6 goons were shot dead by the police. The story, being a real story, is real enough here too. (I like saying positive things about a movie, I need to be balanced in my approach).
Bad things about the movie -

1. Music
2. Tushar Kapoor + Vivek Oberoi + the other four goons - they looked more like high school bullies from a boys only school who then get to meet women for the first time.

Overall, I am not sure about what the director was trying to achieve - Was the movie about police brutality or about how the police has had to evolve to counter the new breed of criminals? Or was it just some cash rich produced who wanted a tax writeoff? Amitabh for the whole movie was mouthing one cliche after the other, the encounter sequence had exquisitely bad screenplay, the movie had songs in the flashback and if I remember correctly, even had a dream sequence :)

Avoid this one more than plague - the plague can only kill you.

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Nauti said...

Can't believe someone could make such a film. The narrative nature of the script made me feel as if someone is reading aloud from a book. The director could have done better. Bringing in Abhishek Bachchan for that brief role was also stupid.

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