05 May, 2006

Have not been able to post because I am in India on work. Came across an interesting article about new products being launched by Indian software professionals -
In a way, such things prove that the dream of the great Indian software product are coming true. More bluntly, it points to the maturity and confidence of the Indians in this space. The three people running this company - RHR networks are all software professionals with a couple of decades of experience in all. They have entered the web-enabled product space with a slew of products - a job search aggregator, a social image sharing website and a classified website (inspired by craigslist).

Each of the products has a clean interface and great functionality. All that they need now is volumes to increase the quality of content on these websites. As more and more Indians get online, they will be pleasantly surprised to see such websites - by Indians and for Indians but with a global appeal.

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