20 April, 2006

I have been reading blogs every now and then when someone forwards articles and decided to take the plunge myself.

God, the first line in itself is so full of cliches, am not really sure how bad a beginning this really is.

Anyway, hope that I have something more interesting to say as time passes by. Got a new laptop today, it is a widescreen Toshiba Satellite laptop, really like the feel of this machine, even though the click pads could have been a bit bigger, the keys themselves could have had more space.

The inbuilt software also leaves a lot to be asking for, but inspite of all that, it seems to be a good machine which I asked a friend to get from the US at a very decent price.

Other than that, life is the same. I work for a company called ebookers but no one should hold that against me. It is a reasonably old travel company based in the UK, dealing with standard travel arragements like flight tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals and packaged holidays. It is not that I do not like the company I work for, but I am aware that there are quite a few times when customers have a bad experience.

The thing is this - overall a company might appear to be blundering and indifferent to an individual. However, the strange thing is that individuals within the company are equally frustrated when something goes wrong. Some of you might disagree, but I have seen this happen more than once.

Blogging and me will really need to see what all we can do to make this work.


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